Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

Once again for 2012 I will be participating in Judy's UFO Challenge. Since Judy posted her list and the sign up to participate in the upcoming year, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my UFO list. Last year I foolishly listed 18 UFOs. This year I am only going to list 12 (really 13) even though I do have more than that. The other thing that I decided to do is that I am going to prioritize my list. I will be completing my UFOs in the order that I have listed. I have several UFOs that I do not care to finish this year that I will not even be listing.

Here is my UFO list for 2012 in the order that I will most likely be completing them:

0.      I started this jacket in April 2010 in a class at Bayside Quilters. The sleeves are too short and I need to add cuffs. Other than that it just needs a binding. I did not give the jacket a number because I WILL be finishing that jacket sometime this year when I decide what to do with the cuffs.

 1.      “It’s All About the Green” This quilt is just like the one I made for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas. I pieced the top in December 2011.

2.      This Round Robin Quilt top was made in a Round Robin Bee that I participated in 2010-2011.

3.      This Signature Quilt was started in 2007 for SON #1’s graduation from college. I did not finish it sooner because my son had blocks that he was going to have friends sign. Well, he never did have friends sign them. It looks like his quilt will only have signatures of family members. I told him that I wanted to finish his quilt this year. He is to give the unsigned blocks back to me. If he can’t find them I will have to make more.  

4.      This Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilt was started in a class at Bayside Quilters with Gyleen Fitzgerald in May 2011.

5.      This Sew Simple Pineapple Quilt was started in a workshop in January 2011. I had collected the dark red and gold for many years. For about a year I had been thinking about what I could do with those fabrics. I am very pleased with this pattern. They are really not my favorite colors anymore but I love how this quilt is looking.

6.      This quilt is really an old one. It is so old that I started hand quilting it. It is from before I had my longarm, and even before I took my quilts to a longarmer. It probably dates to 1999. It was a mystery quilt taught in a class by Peggy of Peggy’s Sewing Center at the 7-Sisters Quilt Guild. You can see on the back where the stars are hand quilted. I plan to finish it on the longarm so I can get it done.

7.      This quilt was started in a workshop with Jane Sassaman in August 2011. I am fascinated with Jane’s work and was very excited to be able to take her workshop.

8.      I think this log cabin was started in 2000. I was making it for my bed. I really am not crazy about those fabrics anymore. I plan on painting my bedroom this year, so if I do not get it done soon I may never get to use it on my bed. This one was on my UFO list for 2011. I really do need to get it done.

9.      This small quilt is hand appliquéd. I finished the top in early 2010. It was on my UFO list for 2011. 

10.      This wholecloth quilt top was purchased at the Lancaster Quilt Show in 2004 before I got my longarm. I have wanted to make a wholecloth quilt, but before I spend the time designing my own it does make sense to practice on this one first.

11. And 12. These 2 quilt tops were made in about 2007. They are for the twin beds in one of the guest rooms. If I do not finish them soon I will probably repaint that room. Again they were on the UFO list for 2011.

I am trying to get organize for 2012 and I hope to get all of these quilts completed.


Katie said...

Great list! Good luck this year. And I hear you about starting quilts that take so long you decide you don't like the colors or fabrics any more...

Anne said...

Ohhh, I love your Jane Sassaman project! I am in love with her work too, jealous you have taken a class from her. Good luck with your list, I can't wait to check some from my list as well.