Monday, October 17, 2016

Modern Fusion

 The Delaware Modern Quilt Guild came to the Eastern Shore Modern Quilters for an afternoon of Fun, Fellowship, and Food. We began the afternoon with lunch. Then we went around the room and introduced ourselves. We were to describe ourselves with one of the three Cs: Cartoon Character, Car, or Cuisine. It was so fun to hear what some of the girls had to say about themselves.

After the introductions we had Show-n-Tell. There was so much Show-n-Tell that I have posted those pictures last. I am sorry to say that I did not get pictures of everything.

Following Show-n-Tell the Delaware Guild presented us with a challenge. It is the "One Yard Fabric Exchange and Challenge." You can learn more about that HERE. Anyway, first we had the exchange. We each brought a yard of solid fabric and did the “Fold It – Snip It – Rip It – Drop It – Pass It”. 

When the Eastern Shore Guild was done with the Swap, the Delaware Guild showed us their challenge pieces from the same Exchange and Challenge.

The two pictures here are the results of their One Yard Challenge. 
They are amazing.

Then the Delaware Girls showed us another challenge they had done. 

It was to use pieced letters.

Again, what they came up with was absolutely amazing!

Most of the following pictures are Show-n-Tell. 
We have many very talented ladies in these two guilds!

The Delaware Guild does a lot of Challenges. Their next one is to do a Self Portrait. Rhonda is holding up an example of a good self portrait of her

We ended the afternoon with our Journal Exchange. 

We all had so much fun we decided to do this again. We are planning to go visit the Delaware Guild in April and we will reveal  our "One Yard Challenge."

Sunday, October 9, 2016

North Pole

Join us on an Adventure to the North Pole

Have you ever seen this classic quilt by Piece O’ Cake Designs? It has been around for years and it is timeless. Well, Candy and Chris want to make it and thought it would be more fun working with a group. Our plan is to work on it the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month from 5pm-9pm. You are welcome to use our scraps. Chris has made some blocks with lighter backgrounds and they are FABULOUS! There is no fee, just let us know you are coming. You do NOT need to bring your machine.We will be cutting and fusing.

Friday night was our first gathering to work on "Welcome to the North Pole." Here are a few pictures.

Debbie got two blocks done in one evening.

Our next meeting is Friday October 21, 5pm -9pm.