Friday, June 25, 2010

Packing Today

My husband brought in some zucchini from his garden last evening so first thing this morning I made zucchini bread. Then I went up in the attic and dug out some stuff for my son. I wanted to get up there before it got too hot.

After that I went outside to take some pictures of the quilts I did this week. I did them at the beginning of the week but hadn't gotten them outside to take their pictures. So here they are.

The tumbling block quilt is one that I started in 2006 in a class by Deb Tucker. Yes, I got one of my UFOs done. When I started it brown and green were not as popular as they are now and I had trouble finding a fabric that I liked for the border. So, the fabric I did use in the border is a decorator fabric. I think it works great.

The angel quilt is a comfort quilt. My guild, 7-Sisters, makes and gives quilts to people with illnesses in our community and others that we know. This particular quilt is for someone that I know in PA that has cancer.

Now the rest of my day will be spent getting things ready to move to my son's new house.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Got A New Sewing Machine

I had a little difficulty deciding which one to get.

Cheryl and I are home from Dover and we both came home with a new machine. We went to 2 different places and looked at 2 different brands, Husqvarna Viking and Janome. We went back and forth between the two places trying to make up our minds. Cheryl was looking for an embroidery machine she could also piece with and I was looking for a machine that would make machine applique' easier. When it was all over and done with we both got a Janome.  Mine is a new machine that has only been out a few months. I can't wait to use it, but that will not be until after we get our son moved into his new house.

Cheryl trying out the Viking (not her new machine).

Me and my new machine (well the floor model, mine is still in the box).

Dave brought the first tomato in from the garden today and I ate it. Yum Yum!

Shopping for a new machine

Son #1 is buying his first house and today is settlement. It has been a lot of fun helping him to look for a house. I know it will be even more fun helping him to decorate it. Saturday we will be helping him to move in.

Cheryl and I are going to Dover today to look for a new sewing machine. I will let you know if I find anything. I also ordered an AccuQuilt Go a few days ago. It is on backorder and will probably be about a month before I get it. I guess I am a little slow jumping on the bandwagon. It looks like everyone else in blog land is already having fun with theirs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cakes for the Fair

Yesterday I was making cakes for the cake wheel at the Trappe Fair. I made yellow with buttercream icing, lemon with lemon icing, chocolate with cream cheese icing, and chocolate with peanut butter icing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making Slaw

My husband loves working out in his garden. I really do not like helping in the garden. I do however freeze the stuff that he brings in. This year I told him if he insists on bringing all of that stuff in he was going to help me with it. I really do not like doing all of that work by myself. My husband and my daughter helped to make freezer slaw and to freeze sugar peas yesterday. We did 10 heads of cabbage. It got done very quickly with all that help and it was also fun doing it.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I also quilted this one this week. I wasn't going to post it yet because it is a surprise for someone. I don't think she will suspect it is for her. After she receives it, sometime in July, I will explain it.

Finally, it is Friday. Quilting at the firehouse tonight. I have missed a few weeks and am really looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yet, Another 'Field of Flowers'

This morning I went to "Baltimore Album Bee Plus." What a great group of ladies. It seems like I sit next to someone different each month. It is so fun getting to know these ladies better. I am well aware by now that I will not get much stitching done when I am there. After I got home I was able to get this "Field of Flowers" quilted. It belongs to Margaret. Margaret just started quilting this winter and she is doing a great job.

Another "Field of Flowers"

Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day. I usually just take straight on pictures of the entire quilt as I finish quilting them. I have been admiring the pictures of other bloggers and think I need to try something different; at least with my own quilts. The above picture of "Field of Flowers" is actually my mother's quilt. Since I am taking pictures of quilts right off of the longarm and they are not bound I simply folded the edges under. Of course I still need a picture of the entire quilt.

This quilt is Pat's

Back of Pat's quilt

I am getting ready to head out to Baltimore Album Bee so I will be doing a little bit of hand work today.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lacrosse Weekend

What a great weekend! My daughter played in a lacrosse tournament in Ocean City. The girls really played well together. Their record for the weekend was 4 wins and 2 loses. We were all really pleased with this. The schedule was great too. On Saturday the first game was over at 9:30 and the next game was not until 5:00, so we had time to go to the beach and pool.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chris's Quilt

I actually got some quilting done today. This quilt made with 30s repro fabrics belongs to Chris.

Today was my daughter's last day of school. I have always loved it when the kids are home during the summer. Son #2 is actually home this summer. He has an internship nearby. This should be his last time home. He will graduate college in December. I am not sure what my daughter and I will get into all summer. I plan to get up early and be done quilting by lunch so we will have the afternoons together.

Bayside Summer Luncheon

Yesterday at the Bayside Quilters Luncheon the theme was a Hoedown. We were to dress appropriately. There was a  live bluegrass band for our entertainment. I was able to get some of the action on video. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring Hoedown

At last, the challenge quilt you have been hearing about. This was my entry for the challenge "Water is more than H2O." The girl with the umbrella was my daughter's idea. The background was adapted from a picture I took on our property. The words in the border is a poem I remember from 3rd grade, "Rain" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The luncheon was a little different this year. The theme was a Hoedown. Everyone was to dress in appropriate attire and there was a live bluegrass band playing in the background. In the picture above is myself, Jeanne and Jo. Jo is chairman of the hospitality committee and she is the one responsible for the hoedown thing. I think she just wanted a reason to wear her pink boots.

The festivities ended with the announcement of the winners of the challenge. (Everyone in attendance got one vote.) I am sorry to say I was not the winner, but I did place.

First place was Sylvia

Second place was Mary Lou

Third place tie was Jeanne and me
I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed I did not place higher. 

Sherry's Quilt

This is Sherry's quilt. I think she is planning on putting it in the Annapolis Quilt Show this weekend.

Today is the Bayside Quilt Guild Summer Luncheon. It is also the day that the challenge quilts are due. I will post a picture later and let you know how I did.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stash Building

On Saturday I went to Lancaster County, PA with 2 friends to have fun and add to my stash. I don't get to Lancaster very often, (once or twice a year) so when I get there I can do some damage. I purchased a total of 39 3/4 yards of fabric. Lancaster is the best (or maybe worst) place to go if you have a fabric addiction like I do. We left from my house at 5:15 am and arrived at our first destination, Sauders in Denver at 8:30. We were the only ones there at that time of day. What a treat that was. It is not unusual for a bus of quilters to show up there on a Saturday.

At Sauders I chose fabric for a quilt I would like to make for my husband this year. I am hoping it will be a Christmas present. After we left there we spent the rest of the day in Intercourse.

Our first stop in Intercourse was The Old Country Store. I am not exactly sure what this will be for. It might be for a Round Robin I am going to participate in. I also got this pack of solids there. I don't typically use solids but I do love them in other's work. The 6 yard piece of brown I got there I think will be the background for my Joseph's Coat. I know I started that Joseph's Coat with the quilt along but I have had trouble deciding on the background.

From there we went to Zooks. Oh wait, first we stopped next door for a pretzel. Delicious. In Zooks it was just stash building. I fell in love with those circles, especially the colors. This is how I usually fabric shop. I buy what I love and then somewhere down the road I find I quilt to use it in.

These other fabrics are random stuff for my stash that I got in various stores.  I am not sure which ones are from where. We even took the time to go into some stores that did not carry fabric. It was a fantastic day. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. I really miss the rolling hills of PA. We were back home on the flat Eastern Shore about 8:30pm.