Monday, October 28, 2013

Beginner Class

Some of the quilts from our most recent Beginner Class.





Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quilting This Week

I haven't posted any quilting for a while so here are some I have done recently.

This is Pat's quilt. It is the 2008 Block of the Month from The Quilt Show.

I made this same quilt a few years ago and you can read about it here.

Pat's is all hand appliqued and it is exquisite!

This is Colette's quilt.
It is for a relatives 50th anniversary.

This is Chris' baby girl quilt.

The last 3 quilts are all Linda's. She has been one busy girl.

Linda made this Lightning Quilt in one of our classes.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time To Make A Sample

This fabric came in about a month ago. It really has not sold much so I knew it was time to make a sample.  

The three panels are so adorable!

They are just perfect for any girl.

I did not have a pattern that would lend itself to this fabric so I knew I had to design my own.

My first attempt was the layout below. I actually completed the top like this but was not happy with it when it was done. I ripped everything out and started over.

This is what I ended up with. I am very happy with it and I believe it is a very good use of that fabric.

It can be difficult to take pictures on a windy day. 

Here is a close up of the freehand overall quilting.

I wrote a pattern for this but knew that it had to be tested. So I needed to find other fabric that would work well for this pattern.

 This nautical fabric arrived a couple weeks ago and also needed a little push. 

Lou tested the pattern for me and it came out very nice. It is definitely a very masculine quilt. 

The pattern and fabrics shown here are available now at Quilt Vine.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Show and Tell

I absolutely love it when customers bring in their quilts to show me. 
Colette made both of these quilts. They both are made completely with fabric from Quilt Vine.

Mary made these two quilts using the pattern "Reflections" that she purchased from Quilt Vine. Most of her fabric is also from Quilt Vine.

Vicki brought in this great wall hanging to show me. The fabric and book are both from Quilt Vine.

Vicki made a few changes from the pattern, like this one, we had hanging in the shop back in the Spring.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quilt For Sale

A gentleman came in to the shop and asked if I could help sell this quilt for him.

It was made in 1989 by KIFA (Kent Island Federation of the Arts). Each block is hand painted and signed by the artist.

His wife kept it in acid free tissue paper and an acid free box and only got it out to show when company came. The quilt is in mint condition.

It was appraised in 2003 at $1,500.

If you are interested in purchasing this quilt or would like more information, please email me at Please put "KIFA QUILT" in the subject.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Headless Quilter

On the first Saturday of October, Trappe celebrates Autumn with a day called Trappetoberfest. Residents and Businesses are encouraged to make a scarecrow to display in the town park. I really did not want to spend the time making one this year but was asked to participate. So to keep it simple, we took our scarecrow from last year and made a few changes. 

 Our Quilter became the Headless Quilter. She has scissors in her left hand and a rotary cutter in her right hand.

We put her together on our porch and then transported her to the park in the truck.

Faith and Lou rode in the back of the truck and Chris met us there on her broom. 
I think it was Chris' first flight of the season.

Here are some of the other fine scarecrows we saw at the park.

 A bride made by Seasonal Flowers.

 Si Robertson was there courtesy of the Trappe Volunteer Fire Company.

 These little cuteys were made by the preschool.

 A horse bearing ribbons.

 This guy is sure to keep unwanted visitors out of the gazebo.

Putting on the finishing touches.