Monday, June 20, 2011

Blooming 9-Patch

I finished quilting my Blooming 9-Patch over the weekend. I picked out some new fabric for the binding. I am not sure when I will get it bound because I need to get moving on my June UFO. I will take some better outside pictures of it after I get it bound.

Thank you Alice for teaching this class. I really like how this quilt turned out. I will be carrying the purple out into the binding.

Stash Report, Week 25, 2011

Friday morning I got out my June UFO to begin quilting it. I measured the top and it was 80 x 85. I thought since it is already that big I should make sure it is big enough for a queen size bed. I took it and threw it on top of the guest bed. Unfortunately, with the new deeper mattresses, if I really want it to be large enough for a queen I should make it bigger. Of course I tried to convince myself that wasn't necessary so I could start quilting it right then. But, I just couldn't do it. If I was going to finish this quilt I had to do it right.

The fabric for the border had to be either red, blue or match the background. I had no more of the background fabric. I am not crazy about blue so I did not have enough of any one blue. I have a lot of red but either the pieces were not large enough or they were just not right. So; I had to go buy fabric. Because I was making the front larger I also had to make the back larger. So; I had to buy more fabric. 

I finished quilting my Blooming 9-Patch. Every fabric I used for the front and the back was taken from my stash. I really love how this quilt turned out but, I did not have the right fabric for the binding. So, once again I needed to buy more fabric. 

So, that just about explains all of my fabric purchases this week except that one yard of white on white. I got that for fun for something new I would like to try.  

Used since last stash report: 7.50 yards

Used year to Date: 74.25 yards

Added since last stash report: 5.75 yards

Added Year to Date: 72.25 yards

Net Used for 2011: 2 yard

Fabric used since my last stash report:
5 yards for backing for blooming 9-patch
2 1/2 yards for border and binding for June UFO

Fabric in since my last stash report:

2 3/4 yards for border and binding for June UFO
1 1/2 yards for backing for June UFO
1/2 yard for binding for blooming 9-patch
1 yard white on white for something new I want to try.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pine Nut, Rice and Feta Salad

On Wednesday when I hosted the Art Bee I served this salad with lunch. Everyone was asking for the recipe, It is a recipe that I got from Julie who served it at a bee luncheon in 2007. 

Altered Photo Quilt

On Wednesday I hosted the Art Bee at my house. I chose to demo the technique of Altered Photo Artistry by Beth Wheeler. First we watched the episode of The Quilt Show featuring Beth Wheeler. This is the technique I used to make my challenge quilt for Bayside last week. There were questions and some good discussion as we viewed the video.

We opened Photo Shop Elements and discussed using filters to alter a photo. This is the photo I used for the challenge quilt. Even though I like the photo with this filter I decided not to use it because of how dark it was.

This is a picture of my challenge quilt, "Bare Feet at the Beach," finished.

I quilted this on my domestic machine. It has been years since I have done that. I got my longarm in 2004. It was really quite relaxing doing the tiny freehand stitching.

I used "firm" Pellon instead of batting so it would be very stiff and easy to hang.

The back really shows the quilting.

For some time now I have been wanting to make a quilt featuring a Gaillardia, maybe even doing a series of quilts. Several years ago I took many pictures of the ones I have in my garden. So, while the Art Bee was here I worked on one in Photo Shop Elements to demonstrate how you would go about manipulating the photo. I even printed one on 4 sheets of paper to show them how to do that.

Since I had gone that far actually working on a gaillardia I decided to continue. I played more in Photo Shop Elements with the filters, hue, temperature, and saturation. I think I have the photo where I want it for this quilt. I am going to make it 9 sheets, so it will end up about 24 inches square. 

I printed out the center sheet. This is what the center of my quilt is going to look like.

This is the actual image I will use for my quilt.

I am so glad I hosted the Art Bee this month and demoed this technique. It got me to work on a quilt that I have been wanting to do but had put on the back burner. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raffle Quilt

This quilt was made by the 7-Sisters Quilt Guild. It is for a raffle.

I love the colors and fabrics in this quilt.

The quilting shows up nicely on the back. The back is actually dark brown but it does not look like it with the lighting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Birds

Jean made this quilt for a special young man in her life. She said he chose the pattern. Simple quilting was all that was needed for this quilt.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Single Girl

This quilt was made by Gail. The pattern is Single Girl. I have seen this quilt several times out there in Blog Land. It is a very modern quilt. 

Gail made this quilt  for a special young lady in her life. I really love the way the quilting turned out. I wish you could see it better on the front.

At least some of the quilting shows up really well on the back. I did quilt in the circular part but it does not show up well on the front or the back.

Lacrosse Weekend

My daughter plays lacrosse on a club team. She is number 9 on the red & white team.

We spent the weekend at a lacrosse tournament in Ocean City. We were in Ocean City the entire weekend and never made it to the beach.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bear/Bare Challenge

     Once a year the Bayside Quilters have a Quilt Challenge. We usually get the challenge in December at our Christmas Luncheon and have until the June Summer Luncheon. I always do something for the challenge. I really enjoy thinking out of my box and perhaps doing something I have not done before. This year the challenge was "Bear/Bare" period. Nothing else was ever said about it. We were left to interpret it in anyway. There were no other guidelines except it needed to be quilted, bound, and completed. 

     Here are the challenge quilts and the awards given:

Sandy won for "Favorite Interpretation of the Theme."

I won for "Favorite Use of Technique."

Mary Lou won "Favorite Use of Color."

Sara won "Favorite Beginner's Quilt."








Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Round Robin Complete

    Today the Bayside Quilters had their summer luncheon. It was a very busy and fun-filled time. It is going to take me several posts to put up all of the pictures. I am going to start with the Round Robin Bee. This bee began in September with 10 participants. We each made a block, put it in a brown paper bag and passed it on. We have not seen our own quilts since the round robin began. 

The 1st round was to have triangles. We had 2 months to work on it and then passed it on. 
The 2nd round was to have squares or rectangles. Again, after 2 months the quilts were passed on.
The 3rd round was applique. Passed on after 2 months.
The 4th round was points. Everything needed to be finished for today.

The big reveal was today at the luncheon. The quilt went back to the person that made the center block. Everyone was in awe of their quilts.


 Peggy's quilt


 Mary Lou's quilt

 Me (Candy)
Mine is pretty awesome, isn't it?