Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Customers

Susan has been working on this baby quilt for an expecting grandchild. She has been in to Quilt Vine several times choosing fabric. Susan is a new quilter and brought this in yesterday seeking help with the binding. I was able to show her what she needed to do.

I quilted this Blooming 9-patch for Diann.

There is something about this pattern that I really love.

I also love the fabric that was used in this quilt.

I made a Blooming 9-Patch last year and posted about it here.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Arrivals This Week

The new fall lines of fabric are coming in! This window seat is the perfect place to showcase new arrivals.

This line is French General's Chateau Rouge by Moda.

This line is Urbanista by Belinda for Studio E Fabrics

These fabrics are from the line Wild Things by Studio E. We are getting very low on that main print already.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Queenie the Quilter

The town of Trappe has a Fall celebration every year the first Saturday of October called Trappetoberfest. Each year they have a Scarecrow Contest. Being a new business in town this is my first year to participate. I got a few of the Seven Sisters together and we made a Quilter.

I never knew you could stuff pantyhose with straw. I thought it would get all torn up.

Doesn't Queenie look content sitting there on the porch?

A want to give a special Thank You to everyone who helped with Queenie; Chris, Margaret, Earleen, Barbara, Lou and Faith. THANKS GIRLS!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beach Walk

This quilt is Beach Walk by McKenna Ryan.

Lucille brought it to me to be quilted.

This is really a great quilt!

It was fun  to freehand quilt it.

Everyone that sees it just loves it.

I think that the scene with the Adirondack Chairs is my favorite.

Last night for Seven Sisters Quilt Guild one of the girls brought this cake from the Amish Market. I never knew that we had a cake named after us.

Chris' Fishes

 Chris pieced this top the other day.

It is a very easy pattern called Bricks by Kari Nichols.

I posted a picture of Chris' fabric choices on our Facebook page the other day and it caused quite a stir. 

I was surprised at the number of people coming in the shop looking for this fish fabric. This print is Gone Fishing by Brandon Mably.

I got it quilted yesterday.

We do have all of this fabric and the pattern in stock.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This bright BEAUTIFUL fabric is what Chris has chosen for her next quilt. Three of us had fabric laid out on the floor Saturday morning. I do not know why I only took a picture of what Chris chose.

This adorable little visitor made herself right at home among the fabric. The shelf is "just right" for a little seat.

Do you think Amelia likes getting her picture taken?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching Up On My Blogging

On Friday, my very dear friend of over 30 years came to visit me and see my new shop. Beth Ann and her mother come from Pennsylvania for the day. We walked up Main Street in Trappe to a cute little shop on the corner, and of course made some purchases.

After Beth and her mother left I finished quilting this quilt. This quilt was made by a group of members of Bayside Quilters for a very special member who is dealing with some health issues right now. I am so glad that I was able to quilt it for her. Hopefully she will feel the love and prayers over her when she is wrapped in it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Went Well

Wednesday marked another first for me; I had the privilege of giving the lecture at "Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore." I had a really good time talking to a room full of friends about my "Quilting Journey." The quilt I am holding is the most recent quilt I have made and it is for my nephew and wife who are expecting a baby girl. Right now it is on display in my shop because it is made out of a line a fabric that I have in stock. I made the quilt that I am standing in front of for my oldest son's 15th birthday in March 2000. I designed the Mariner's Compass using a book by Judy Mathieson.

This quilt is very special to me. It is made from fabric that I bought the first time I went to visit my sister in Washington State. In 2004, my mom, my youngest sister, my daughter and I flew to Seattle to visit another sister. From there, my mom, two sisters, niece, daughter and I drove 6 hours to Sisters, Oregon for the "Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show." All of the fabric in this quilt was purchased at The Stitchin' Post in Sisters. This was my first trip to the west coast and it was a major turning point in my fabric preference. It literally opened my eyes to color and large prints. The really exciting thing about this quilt is that most of the fabrics in it are from Amy Butler's first line Gypsy Caravan and it has been rereleased; but the most exciting thing is that I have 6 bolts from this line in stock in my shop. I think it is funny that I loved Amy Butler fabrics before I knew what an Amy Butler fabric was.

We had a pretty good turnout at Bayside on Wednesday.

Teacher, designer, and author Susan McKelvey is a member of Bayside Quilters. When she began working on the book, Baltimore's Country Cousins, she asked our Baltimore Album Bee if anyone wanted to make a quilt for the book. I said I would do it as long as I could machine applique it; not hand. This quilt is pictured in her book. I also longarm quilted the quilt that Susan made for the book.

This quilt is a block of the month from The Quilt Show. I believe it was from 2008. Of course it is fused and machine appliqued. I would never get it done if I had to do it by hand.

I had to take my wedding dress along to show them. Crocheting was my first creative outlet. I actually began crocheting when I was 7 years old. It took me 7 months to make this dress and this year marks 30 years ago that I made it. My husband and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage in February 2013.

I had tried quilting a couple of times earlier in my life, but in February of 1998, when I first sew Simply Quilts on HGTV, the quilting bug really bit. I saw Debby Mumm on with Alex Anderson and she showed how to make this heart quilt. I took notes and then went and made this little quilt.  That was the beginning of what has become my passion and addiction and now my career.

This was a mystery quilt I made in the first class that I ever took. The class was taught be Peggy from Peggy's Sewing Center. This quilt was made in 1999. It is the last quilt that I hand quilted and it is yet to be finished.

I made this little quilt in the Baltimore Album Bee of Bayside Quilters. It is from Mimi Dietrich's book "Baltimore Bouquets." This one is actually all hand appliqued. I really can do nice hand work but it just takes too long. I like to "git r done."

This string quilt was made in a class at Bayside. The prints are all fabrics that I did not like. I think any fabric can look good if you cut it small enough.

This pink and brown cake stand was a block exchange that I participated in with my mom and 2 of my sisters.

This Pat Sloan table runner was made in a class at Bayside with Pat Sloan.

This is just a small sampling of some of the quilts that I talked about on Wednesday. Thanks to Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore for inviting me to speak and many thanks to the ladies that helped.