Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Caroline the Butterfly

This new Butterfly pattern, "Caroline" is now available. 

This Crab pattern, "Jimmy" has been very popular. We have had many requests to do this same technique with different objects. Somehow we got busy with other things and that idea got put on a back burner.  

Then, a teacher that my daughter, Faith, is very close with got pregnant with her first child. Faith wanted us to make her a quilt. When they found out it was a girl they decided to do the nursery in purple with butterflies. Immediately my daughter knew what she wanted to make.

Faith came up with the butterfly outline and chose all of the fabric. I enlarged the pattern on the computer. Faith traced the pattern onto the fabric. I stitched the outline.

 Faith cut and glued the fabric onto the butterfly. I quilted it and put the binding on. It truly was a joint effort. 

The teacher was holding out on the baby's name until her birth. She did let Faith in on a little secret that "Faith" was one of the top two names. Faith ended up being the baby's middle name. The baby's name is Caroline Faith. Therefore the name of this pattern.  

While Faith was making her gift I was making one for a shop sample.


Kacey Shaneyfelt said...

So beautiful!! What is the finished size of this quilt?

Candy said...

The Caroline Quilt is 48" x 40".

The pattern or kit can be purchased here.

Please visit my website

Thank you for your interest.

Unknown said...

I would like to just buy the pattern, I did not see available on line.