Sunday, December 6, 2015

Solid Challenge

Modern Quilters Eastern Shore held their annual Challenge and Christmas Party this week.

Our Challenge this year was to use all solids in a quilt. 

Alice made this at a workshop she attended with Gwen Marston.

 Jean made this very modern very large quilt.

Lou made a table runner using all American Made Brand fabrics.

 Tyra made this one, also using all American Made Brand fabrics.

Carol drives a little red Smart Car just like this one. 

Barb's solid triangles.

Sharon's quilt resembles a watermelon and she used the leftovers on the back.

Kathy's solid squares.

Barbara's very modern quilt.

This is mine using all American Made Brand fabrics. 
This is the first quilt I designed on the computer.
I put a facing on instead of a binding because I did not want to frame it.
I used the leftover fabrics on the back.
Guess I should have used a solid white back because it shows through to the front.

These two belong to Alice. They are mostly solids with one small print. 

Alice made this improvisational curve pieced quilt in a workshop with Gwen Marston.
I absolutely love it!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Longarm Quilting

A few more quilts that I quilted on the longarm.

Unfortunately, I don't take a picture of every quilt that I quilt.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Longarm Quilting

I have really slacked off posting this year. I would like to try to catch up a little bit. In order to do that the next few posts will be mostly pictures and not much writing. I am sorry that I will not be giving credit to the maker of each quilt. (I never used last names anyway.)

Here are some of the quilts I longarm quilted earlier this Fall.