Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Newsletter and Class Schedule

Our Fall Newsletter and Class Schedule is finally ready. You can view it below or click HERE to view in PDF format.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christmas in July

Christmas in July
is Finally Here

Friday July 31 & Saturday August 1

Everything Christmas
20% off
Fabric, Books, Patterns and Kits

Demos on Saturday at 11am and 1pm
( We will be giving Handouts and Freebies at the Demos)
·     Fabric Box

·     Stocking ornament

·     Jar Lid ornament

We have 5 different lines of Christmas Fabric and they are wonderful!

Here are Quilts showing just 2 of the lines.

Friday, May 8, 2015

May The 4th Be With You

For those of you that did not know it, Monday, May 4th was Star Wars Day.
"May the 4th Be With You."

We decided to have a little sale and celebration that evening

An Ewok (that would be me), Yoda (Lou), and Princess Leia (Chris) were all here to help with the festivities.

Another Princess Leia showed up. 
One of them must be an impostor.
(Those buns sure look a lot like bagels.) 

Which Leia do you think has the nicest buns?

I was having way too much fun with all of this.

We also had another Yoda (Patti) stand in for a while.

And of course it just isn't a celebration without food.
Everything had a Star Wars theme.

Everyone including the customers had a great time, plus there were great savings too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Super Quilt Seminar

This past weekend was the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar in Newark, DE.

There were about 12 ladies there attending that I know from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Pictured with Ricky are: Nancy, Kitty, Sharon, Lou, Cyndy, Nita, Beth, Sherry, Suzie, Gloria, Fayette, Jan, and me. 

Lou and I went together. Here is Lou with Ricky.

There I am with Ricky.

 The entire seminar was just amazing. Ricky has so much knowledge about quilting and he loves sharing what he has learned. His presentation is interesting and entertaining.

I can't say enough about the seminar. There was so much to take in I think my brain was on overload. I came away from there wanting to try it all. The way Ricky explained everything you come away thinking "I can really do that". 

I hope after I try some of these things they will be classes that I will offer at Quilt Vine.    

Ricky's Self Portrait.

Ricky's Caveman Piecing is quick and easy.

Ricky is also well known for his Rhapsody Quilts. His first Rhapsody quilt is in the picture behind Lou, and here is a close up. 

Another Rhapsody Quilt. 

This is a new quilt of his that is going to be featured in a magazine soon. 

Ricky is showing how easy it is to put together a Kool Kaleidoscope Quilt.

Two of his kaleidoscope quilts.

Two of his Convergence Quilts.

Ricky's side kick Alex Anderson was also presenting. Here I am with her. 
Remember her from Simply Quilts on HGTV?

This is Alex' new quilt and she said she will be making it into a pattern. 
I love it.

One night we had Sushi for dinner. 

Lou and I even had some time to do a little sewing in our room.
Remember, don't leave home without your sewing machine. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

All Together Now

Choosing the sashing fabric was one of the hardest fabric choices I had to make for this project.

Everyone consulted definitely liked this dark gray fabric the best. 

I still need to finish writing up the pattern. 
We will be starting to cut kits soon. 

We look forward to seeing you this Summer when you stop in for your free Row By Row pattern of "H2O 4 Shore".

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fall H2O

For the Fall H2O block I did make a few changes from our monthly mini. The biggest change was I had to stand the little guy in water. 

Some of the fabrics that I chose initially did change.

For this block I did not want a blue sky. If standing in the marsh, the boy would be surrounded by dry reeds and cattails in the Fall, so I wanted the background gold.

The water really would not be blue. I tried several fabrics before coming up with the right one. The background was also not working for me, it was just too dark.

And like the Summer block I needed something else in the foreground. The dog from the monthly mini would not work since he was standing in water. I am very happy with the final fabrics and the cattail.