Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Queenie the Quilter

The town of Trappe has a Fall celebration every year the first Saturday of October called Trappetoberfest. Each year they have a Scarecrow Contest. Being a new business in town this is my first year to participate. I got a few of the Seven Sisters together and we made a Quilter.

I never knew you could stuff pantyhose with straw. I thought it would get all torn up.

Doesn't Queenie look content sitting there on the porch?

A want to give a special Thank You to everyone who helped with Queenie; Chris, Margaret, Earleen, Barbara, Lou and Faith. THANKS GIRLS!


Lee said...

Queenie is quite attractive...and it cracks me up that you used a real bra and stuffed it ;)

Linda said...

Queenie is so cute in her little chair! Great idea!