Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Round Robin Complete

    Today the Bayside Quilters had their summer luncheon. It was a very busy and fun-filled time. It is going to take me several posts to put up all of the pictures. I am going to start with the Round Robin Bee. This bee began in September with 10 participants. We each made a block, put it in a brown paper bag and passed it on. We have not seen our own quilts since the round robin began. 

The 1st round was to have triangles. We had 2 months to work on it and then passed it on. 
The 2nd round was to have squares or rectangles. Again, after 2 months the quilts were passed on.
The 3rd round was applique. Passed on after 2 months.
The 4th round was points. Everything needed to be finished for today.

The big reveal was today at the luncheon. The quilt went back to the person that made the center block. Everyone was in awe of their quilts.


 Peggy's quilt


 Mary Lou's quilt

 Me (Candy)
Mine is pretty awesome, isn't it?






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