Monday, October 21, 2013

The Headless Quilter

On the first Saturday of October, Trappe celebrates Autumn with a day called Trappetoberfest. Residents and Businesses are encouraged to make a scarecrow to display in the town park. I really did not want to spend the time making one this year but was asked to participate. So to keep it simple, we took our scarecrow from last year and made a few changes. 

 Our Quilter became the Headless Quilter. She has scissors in her left hand and a rotary cutter in her right hand.

We put her together on our porch and then transported her to the park in the truck.

Faith and Lou rode in the back of the truck and Chris met us there on her broom. 
I think it was Chris' first flight of the season.

Here are some of the other fine scarecrows we saw at the park.

 A bride made by Seasonal Flowers.

 Si Robertson was there courtesy of the Trappe Volunteer Fire Company.

 These little cuteys were made by the preschool.

 A horse bearing ribbons.

 This guy is sure to keep unwanted visitors out of the gazebo.

Putting on the finishing touches.

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