Friday, June 25, 2010

Packing Today

My husband brought in some zucchini from his garden last evening so first thing this morning I made zucchini bread. Then I went up in the attic and dug out some stuff for my son. I wanted to get up there before it got too hot.

After that I went outside to take some pictures of the quilts I did this week. I did them at the beginning of the week but hadn't gotten them outside to take their pictures. So here they are.

The tumbling block quilt is one that I started in 2006 in a class by Deb Tucker. Yes, I got one of my UFOs done. When I started it brown and green were not as popular as they are now and I had trouble finding a fabric that I liked for the border. So, the fabric I did use in the border is a decorator fabric. I think it works great.

The angel quilt is a comfort quilt. My guild, 7-Sisters, makes and gives quilts to people with illnesses in our community and others that we know. This particular quilt is for someone that I know in PA that has cancer.

Now the rest of my day will be spent getting things ready to move to my son's new house.

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Mama said...

I can honestly say that I would never want to be in *need* of a comfort quilt. HOWEVER, should I one day find myself in such a position, my first call will be to you.

Your quilt is just that beautiful.

Know that you "PA comfortee" will bless you for your kindness each and every time she wraps herself in your talent.