Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sale at Peggy's

     Some  of my friends and I went to Centreville yesterday to Peggy's Sewing Center. All of the fabric in the store was on sale. I didn't need any fabric but that did not stop me from making a purchase. 
     Whenever you go to Peggy's you are sure to be greeted by a friendly smile. Some of the girls in the 7-Sisters Quilt Guild are planning on making a quilt from the pattern Pointless Wonder. That reminded me of the time I first met Peggy. She came to our guild to teach the class using that pattern. It must have been about 1999. I mentioned that was when I met her and she started talking about my quilt from that day. I could not believe she remembered that. Peggy isn't just a quilt shop owner she is a quilter's friend.

 Peggy unpacking some new merchandise.

 Lou is having fun looking over all of the fabric.

 Earleen is getting her fabric cut.

 Some of the fabric I purchased. Not sure yet what it will be used for.

Pat and John cutting our fabric.

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lauraboehl said...

You are so right about Peggy. When you go to the shop you just want to hang out. She is the best. Well put Candy. Looks like fun.