Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Middle of December Already

This baby quilt was for my newest great-nephew. I finally got it totally finished, label and all, and delivered over the weekend. The pattern is from the book Sew Simple Pineapple by Karin Hellaby. 

 Remember this quilt? It was my UFO for September. Kari is that special person to receive this quilt. Do you see the label pinned onto the front? Yes, I still have the quilt and I need to get that sewn on the back. Maybe I will get it on today.

I decided that for Christmas I would make a quilt for my son's girlfriend. 

I got this quilt started the week after Thanksgiving when my husband was in Pennsylvania deer hunting. It is the same pattern like this one. Her favorite color is green. This quilt is made from many different greens from my stash. I used green where the other one is white and I used white where the other one is orange. I do have the top done but have not taken a picture. Hopefully I will be quilting it soon. 


Linda said...

You're quilts are gorgeous! i can't wait to see your son's girlfriend's quilt finished! Love the colors.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

I love that blue and white quilt. Those fabrics for your son's girlfriend's quilt are nice as well.