Monday, March 19, 2012

Rhapsody Bee

Have you ever wanted to try something new but were hesitant to start it on your own? That is the way I felt about Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilt. I wanted to make one but figured it would just be one more UFO. I had the great idea to do it as a Bee. We can all help each other out as we work on our quilts. The plan is to meet each month and plan out what we will do before the next meeting. Our hope is to have the quilt top finished in about a year.

Today some of the Bayside Quilters started this new Bee; the "Rhapsody Bee."

The first thing we did was to watch the video. Ricky makes it look so easy. I also have the book but it is so much better watching the video.

 After lunch we started designing the skeleton for our quilt. I forgot to get a picture of everyone else's so these are all pictures of mine.

To begin with you design the skeleton on a 8 1/2 inch square sheet of paper.
This is the first one I did; definitely not a winner.

This is the second one. It is okay but a little too plain. Although it would be easier to piece.

This is the third one. It has possibilities.

At this point I am leaning toward one of these last two. What do you think? Should I choose one of these or design a few more? I really am a "git-r-done" kind of person and I do not want to waste time designing more if it is not necessary.

We will meet again on the third Monday of April. At that point we are to have this basic design completed and decided what size we want our finished quilt to be. Then together we will make our enlarged patterns. This is going to be a fantastic quilt and I look forward to making it with my friends.

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