Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a Few More From Lancaster

Here are the last of the quilts that I have to show from the Lancaster Quilt Show.

I was really in awe of a lot of the quilts at the show.

But the quilts with the most WOW for me was the display by Karen Stone.

All of these quilts are by Karen Stone.

I hate to admit that until I saw these at the show I had never heard of Karen Stone.

I usually like to add any links that apply to what I am posting about. The link for Karen Stone is here.

SHE HAS A BOOK! I ordered it immediately.

Just look at the ribbons and embellishments that she uses.

And I love the color. She uses quite a bit of orange and you know I love that.

I love it when I come home from a show and inspired to try something new!!!!!!!!!!

Can you feel my excitement?

I still haven't taken pictures of the stuff I bought at the show . Maybe later today.

I have an exciting day planned. I am starting a new Bee today. I will take pictures and tell you about it later.




Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

I'm still working on sewing a straight line - the creative genius behind these quilts is awesome! Thanks again for sharing your photo's from the quilt show.

Happy Spring - Katie

quilt happy said...

they are beautiful but i to am working on sewing a straight line