Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Stars

This is my mom's quilt. I finished it yesterday but not without incident. I was quilting along and I ran out of white tread for the bobbin. I went to the cupboard to get out another cone of white. I was horrified when I discovered I did not have any more white. How in the world did that happen. I always have extra cones of thread on hand.

I looked everywhere and found a small spool of white quilting thread. I put that on to wind bobbins and continued on my way. 

A few spools later again I was horrified as my top thread broke and when I looked I was out of top thread. Now what do I do? I could zip the quilt off so I could work on another, order more thread and finish it after the thread arrived. But with the quilt being so big and so white I did not really want to do that and I just wanted to get it done.

I have a friend who has a tin lizzie and she just lives a few miles from me. I really hate to be a bother but I called her at work to see if she had some white thread I could borrow. She was glad to help me out. So I wouldn't have to wait until evening, she called her husband (who works close to home) to get the thread out and put it on the porch. She said to give him a half hour. In the mean time I had someone come to drop off a quilt and it was over an hour until I got there. When I got there I could not find the thread anywhere. I called her. (I guess her husband got busy.) She told me how to get in her house and where to find the thread. I was on the phone with her the whole time I was in the house. As I was going out and locking the door I realized just a little too late that I did not have her keys. I think I left them in the sewing room. Her adult son who lives there gets home from work before her and he does not have a key. I just knew I was going to be a bother. At least I got that quilt done yesterday.

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Cindy from "It's a Sew Sew Day..." said...

Absolutely stunning quilt! Your quilting is beautiful and her piecing is amazing! What a joy to look at!

Happy Quilting!