Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art Bee Challenge

The Art Bee met today to reveal our completed projects for the Common Object Challenge.

Monica's object was a golf tee and she actually used it in the quilt.

Margaret had a pair of gaudy parrot earrings. This was her interpretation of them because she used to have a bird in a cage that escaped.

Alice had the tabs from a soda can to work with. 
 She used the tabs for the base of the earrings.

Phyllis had an iron puzzle. Of course I think she could always find a way to incorporate Ginkgo leaves.

Marjie was lucky enough to have some money as her inspiration, so she made a money purse to keep her money in.

Not everyone was able to make it today and some of those present did not complete the challenge.

We also discussed what we as a group would like to do next. A few books were suggested and we will decide at the March meeting.

Usually we meet at the home of one of our members but today we enjoyed the day out at Panera Bread.

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