Friday, December 24, 2010

Decorating with Christmas Quilts

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I thought I had this post scheduled for December 24 but I just saw that it never posted. So, here are some more Christmas quilts.

 I love decorating with quits. 
I think the ball fringe really adds something to this quilt.

 This log cabin was one of my very first quilts It was made in 1998.
I made it so long ago that I hand quilted it.

 This quilt that is under the family room Christmas tree I pieced in 1980 when I was 19 years old. I didn't take a class or anything. Of course back then I used cardboard templates and scissors to cut the squares and triangles. I never quilted it and did not attempt another quilt until the 90s This quilt was one of the first to be quilted on my longarm in 2004.
 This little quilt is a stack-n-whack. I think it was made about 2002.

 I think I made this quilt in 2008. I did a lot of quilting on this one. The mistake I made here was that the red on the front should have been a solid. The quilting shows up better on the back.

 I just love this tree quilt I made last year. The lime green quilting looks great in the red.

 With all of the pictures I have posted of my Christmas decorating I almost forgot this cute little tree. It is in the upstairs bathroom. I do not go upstairs very often except to wake my daughter for school.

Here is wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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