Thursday, September 30, 2010


My 13 year-old daughter is a collector! She has several collections but I think my favorite one is her collection of clove tins. You might ask why would a teenager collect clove tins. She has  a black cat named Clove. One time when her and I were out antiqueing (I think it was summer 2009) I noticed one of these. When I showed it to her she had a fit. Since then our eyes are always on the lookout for cloves. She took this picture because my parents were here for a visit this past weekend. They are retired and love to shop, especially when they have something to look for. I think my daughter might be getting some clove tins for Christmas.

Now, back to quilting. Here are 2 quilts that I quilted this week. They both belong to Linda.

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Mary Lou Casada said...

What a cool collection!!
I love the quilts you've done, too. The leaves on the sashing of the sampler are just perfect!
Mary Lou