Saturday, September 18, 2010

Circle Quilts

My top I put together today.

I just got home from a very busy day of quilting. The 7-Sisters Quilt Guild sewed all day working on circle quilts. They all look so great! I did not get a picture of everyone's progress. Some of the girls had to leave at lunch time and I forgot to get a picture of what they had done. Maybe I will remember to get a picture next Friday. It is really fun to see how different some of the quilts look. I think each one is fabulous.

Each one of us cut out our circles using my Accuquilt GO.

Kari's quilt

Lou's quilt

Earleen's quilt

Gerry's quilt

Polly's so far. Polly arrived after lunch.

Patti arrived late and left early.

When I got home George and Blue were sound asleep.


Mary Lou Casada said...

Goodness, they really do look very different, don't they! How cool! I've not made a circle quilt yet; looks like something I need to put on my list!
Mary Lou

Stephanie said...

Wow they look so pretty. shuttermom77 at gmail dot com. Can I pin them on Pinterest?