Sunday, September 5, 2010

24 Hour Mini Retreat

Typically on Friday nights the 7-Sisters Quilt Guild sews at the firehouse from about 6pm to anywhere from 10pm to 12am. This week we decided to try something different that we might like to do about every quarter. We had a 24 hour mini retreat. The retreat was to go from 4pm Friday to 4pm Saturday (we have to stop at 4pm Saturday because of bingo). I was not able to sew on Saturday because of other things I needed to do. Maybe I can stay 24 hours next time. 

I was able to sew from 4:30pm to 1:00am Friday night. Boy you can get a lot done in 8 hours (1/2 hour for dinner). The first thing I did was complete the baby girl circle quilt I cut out with my Accuquilt GO this week.  Now I am ready to lead the 7-Sisters sew-in on September 18th when we will all be making throw size circle quilts.

The next project I worked on was my center block for the Round Robin Bee. With the Bayside Quilt Guild we are starting a Round Robin Bee. Everyone participating does a center block. Then you pass it on to the next person and they add a border. In 2 months we meet and pass it on to the next person and they add a border. This goes on for 5 borders and then the quilt you get is the one with your center block. Each border round has different requirements; one is triangles, one is squares, one might be applique', etc.. At the first meeting we will decide exactly what our rules will be. My block came from a book called "Flowering Favorites" by Piece O' Cake Designs.

To end my night I cut my fabrics for my circle quilt I will make September 18th. Using the Go makes it a breeze to cut circles. The idea for this quilt came from the magazine Quilts and More, Summer 2010. I adjusted the size so we could use the GO cutter. The pattern called for 6 1/2" circles and 10" squares. I changed to 5" circles and 8 1/2" squares. 

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