Friday, February 5, 2010

Lucille's Quilts

Here are 2 of the quilts I got done this week. They belong to Lucille.

We are preparing for a major winter snow storm on the east coast. We went to Blockbuster last night and rented 4 movies, and went to the store and got our milk, bread and toilet paper. My DH brought in extra wood. Hopefully the heavy snow and strong winds will not cause any power outages!


Leigh said...

I love the top one, the circles really make the simple pattern seem far more complex!

Laila said...

what lovely work, I love the way you have followed the shape of the leaves on the second one!Good luck with the storm, the weather in Oman is constant. Unbearable in the summer and lovely in the winter, with a few thunderstorms thrown in if we are very very lucky. We are hoping for a thunderstorm tonight, I can't wait! Oh and thanks for taking the time to comment xx