Sunday, February 28, 2016

Free Motion Quilting Class

On Friday I held our Free Motion Quilting Class at the Trappe Firehouse right beside Quilt Vine. I had to have the class there because there were too many students to hold the class in our classroom. Now that is a very good problem to have. There are several benefits to holding classes at the Firehouse. Of course we can have more students, each student has more room to work, and there is an elevator so the students to not have to go up the stairs like they do at Quilt Vine. As our classes continue to have more students, we will be holding more classes at the firehouse. 

This is the second Free Motion Quilting Class I have taught. In the first class I taught background fillers. In this class were designs that could be used for sashing and borders. 

About half of the class had never done any Free Motion Quilting before.

You could not tell which students had not done this before.

They all looked pretty darn good to me. 

Everyone said they had a good day and they all learned something. 

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