Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Collage Quilt Workshop

We had a Collage Quilt Workshop in January at Bayside Quilters.

One of our members, Laura, taught the class. Laura has taken several collage workshops and has made several collage quilts. 

This Sunflower Quilt was Laura's first Collage Quilt. Laura started this quilt at a workshop she attended by Susan Carlson

Laura made this Crab Quilt for a Challenge at the Bayside Quilters Show in June. She won first place with this Quilt. Everyone fell in love with this quilt and wanted to learn the technique. I took over as Program Chair at Bayside in September and the first thing I did was ask Laura to teach this class. 

The workshop was a day and a half. This is a picture of all of the projects at the end of the workshop. What was accomplished at this workshop is absolutely amazing! Everyone in attendance was thrilled with Laura as a teacher. Believe me, this will not be her last time teaching. 

Below are photos of all of the projects. 

Tina's lemons.

Nita's frog.

Elaine's flower.

Fran's chair.

Donna's flower.

Margaret's dog.

Sandy's butterfly.

Suzie's rooster.

Sherry's dragonfly.

Shirley's crab.

Me and my daughter, Faith, with our shell. I was a little disappointed at first when I realized that this day and a half class was during winter break. I like to spend as much time as I can with my daughter when she is home. She is very artistic and it did not take much to convince her to go to the workshop with me. My shell is stunning so far, but I can not take credit for it. Faith really did most of the work.

Peggy's owl.

Kathy's bird with flowers.

Anne's flower.

Sharon's dog.

Susan's fruit.

This is Laura's beets that she is presently working on. 

I can't wait to show you the finished projects. 
We decided that everyone must be done by next January and we will have a special showing of them at Bayside Quilters.

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