Monday, May 12, 2014


You don't want to miss this one.
This Elephant Class is being offered this Saturday. 
There are still 2 spaces available. 
Call the shop to sign up today.


Back in the Fall Lou saw this pattern in a book, "Scrap Happy Quilting," and asked me to order it. She was determined to make it but kept putting it off. I really wanted to make one too, so I said let's do it together. One Saturday this past Winter we decided we would start it the next Friday night when the "7 Sisters Quilt Group" met. I sent a text to the group to see if anyone else would be interested in making it. I was surprised at the response when we had 7 (all of the active members but one) wanting to make it.
Here are 6 of the 7. I don't know what happened to Cheryl's.

Notice the trunk on the elephants. The pattern has the trunk turning under, but one of the girls said that the turned up trunk means "good luck" so some of the girls made theirs that way. Also, notice that one elephants is facing the opposite direction. That would be mine; I do like to be different.  

We have 2 of them hanging in the shop and everyone kept saying that it needed to be a class. The class is scheduled for this Saturday. There are only 2 seats left. I am excited to see what they will look like.   






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