Sunday, May 25, 2014

City Sampler Sew Along

Tuesday was the monthly meeting for our "City Sampler Sew Along."We meet on the third Tuesday of each month. We have a morning session and an evening session.

The blocks are just 6 inches square. The participants are free to pick through Quilt Vine's scraps and everyone is very generous with sharing their scraps. There are 100 blocks in all, and we are scheduled to complete 10 blocks a month. Our goal is have the blocks completed in November. We will take December off and come back in January and February and work together on how we each will set them into a quilt.

Most of us have decided that instead of dragging our sewing machines out, the time spent together would be better utilized cutting out the blocks.

Quilt Vine's scrap stash.

Keeping track of the fabric used in each block.

Most of us have organized our blocks into a binder.

This Jane Sassaman print Bleeding Heart does not look like a Bleeding Heart when it is upside down.

Some completed blocks.

Some of us (like me) have as few as 20 blocks completed and some have as many as 70 blocks completed.

I can't wait to see all of them finished.

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