Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rising with the Sun

There is nothing like being on a quilting retreat and waking up to the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean!
This is the view from my room.

Today I  worked on a very old UFO. This project was started in a class at Bayside in 2003. I know I have not worked on it since 2003. Today, when I first pulled out all of the pieces I thought maybe I would scrap all of it and start over. It really is not my color palette any more and the work is shoddy. I must say that I have improved in the last 9 years. But after some careful consideration I have decided to continue with it but to replace the pale yellow with a nice orange. What else? The class was a hand applique class and some of the pieces are hand appliqued on top of one another, but I will be finishing it by machine applique. I would like to finish it in this lifetime.

In the past there have been about 30 Baysiders attending retreat, but this year we were only 19.

 The nice thing about it was that a lot of us had a table to ourselves.  

 Here are pictures of some of the girls working away the afternoon.

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Katie Sews said...

Looks like everyone had a lovely retreat - love the room with big shutters and the sunrise photo is beautiful. Don't laugh - but if you have time you'll see my first quilt top from Sandy's class at the Y. I've got a lot to learn!!!

Happy quilting,