Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mod Medallions Moving Along

In the evenings I have been working on my 50th Birthday Quilt. I posted about it here before. 

I have all of my medallions machine quilted on the background. Now I am trying to choose the fabric for the sashing.

I am having a little trouble deciding on the sashing. I had thought I would have to buy fabric for the border. But while I was looking for sashing I came across this fabric that I love that I think will be perfect for the border. I have 4 yards of the Kaffe Fassett fabric. My mom picked it up for me about 6 years ago when she went to visit my sister in Washington State. I love it and have had trouble bringing myself to cut into it. Now I found the perfect use for it. 

Now back to the sashing. Of all of the fabrics I auditioned I only have enough of 2 of them. So I might have to purchase some fabric.

I do have enough of this gray but I do not like it here. I think it is too dark and it takes away from the medallions.

I also have enough of this light aqua with dots. I originally thought I would use something light because I wanted the medallions to stand out. I just do not know yet if this is what I will use. I am trying to convince myself I should use this so I do not have to buy anything. Remember that stash report!

I am going to a quilt shop with a friend tomorrow. I would like to have an idea what I will use so if I need to buy some fabric I can get it tomorrow.

I guess I will sleep on it and look at these pictures again in the morning.

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