Monday, November 21, 2011

Photo Shoot for Joseph's Coat

Today I took my Joseph's Coat outside for his photo shoot.

I absolutely love Fall and he looked so nice outside among the leaves.

I ended up having way too many pictures that I love.

So, this post has a lot of pictures of my Joseph's Coat.

The steers are pretty nosy and they had to see what I was up to. But they did keep their distance.

I decided to finish this one off for my November UFO in Judy's UFO Challenge. This was number 5a on my list of UFOs for 2011

 Because of the curves I had to do a bias binding.

 I am not thrilled with how the binding turned out.

But I guess it is okay for my first one like this.

The binding was cut 2 1/4 inches wide. I should have cut it smaller because you can see here there was too much to turn to the back. It would have laid nicer if it had been smaller.

Alex and Stan kept a close eye on my every move. They will be going to the butcher in less than a month.


Lee said...

Nice photo shoot photos! Joseph's Coat looked stunning out there amongst the fall colors. Loved seeing the Herefords too :)

Heather A said...

What a gorgeous quilt! Absolutely stunning! I can't imagine the work that went into it and the colours are brilliant together. So interesting and beautiful. What a treasure you've created.

I also love the quilting. It makes such a beautiful textured pattern on the back, too.


JCnNC said...

I loved the scenery as much as the quilt - both are absolutely beautiful. You did a great job picking out the colors. Congratulations on your finish. Judy C

Heather said...

It is just beautiful! Congratulations! Love all the great pictures, too. Well done!