Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 UFO Update

Number 3 was chosen for November for Judy's UFO Challenge. This king sized log cabin is what I have labeled as #3. The center was made about 10 years ago. It was planned to have pieced borders, but I decided to just slap some borders on and get it done. I had applied these borders at The Bayside Quilters Retreat in early March 2010. I made this to go in my master bedroom. I am not as crazy about this quilt now like I was when I started. I am much more drawn to brighter fabrics now. It will still look good in my bedroom as it is still plum, but I have been thinking about repainting it. It would be really great to get it done this month and actually use it on my bed.

This picture was taken at the 2010 Retreat when I got the borders put on.

It appears that I made a mistake in a previous post when I said I was all caught up with the UFO Challenge. I did not complete a UFO for July.

Number 2 was drawn for July. I actually had 2 quilts listed for that month. No really it was 3. I had this small hand appliqued one and the 2 twin size quilts below. What was I thinking when I put all of that for one number? Anyway none of them got done.

But, to be fair and not beat myself up for falling behind on the Challenge, I did get 2 quilts done for January. So, for the year I have 10 UFOs completed! 
That is a lot more than if I had not participated in the Challenge.
Thank You Judy!

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