Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joseph's Coat Almost Finished

I decided that for my November UFO I really wanted to finish up my Joseph's coat.

Saturday was a good day to work on my quilt because I usually do not work on customer's quilts on the weekends.

Yesterday my husband and son were hunting and my daughter went shopping with a friend, so I had all day, making it the perfect day to finish my quilt.  

I actually had it out Friday night preparing it to be quilted.

I needed to add fabric on all four sides so I had something to pin on the longarm and to make a nice finished edge.

I got the top machine appliqued on to the strips Friday night. Sorry I did not get a picture of this.

Saturday morning it was ready to be quilted.  As you can see from the first few pictures I just did simple quilting. I knew the most difficult part would be the binding.

With the light thread I stitched a scant 1/4 inch around the entire quilt so I would have a guide to follow to cut off the excess around the edge.

I stitched the whole way down into the first dip. I quickly realized that I did not want to do that because then I would have really tight inside corners to bind. 

I decided to make it a more gentle curve. I used a spool of thread for the guide for my curve.

After stitching around the entire top I trimmed to that stitching.

I got the bias binding sewn on the top and last night while watching TV I worked on hand sewing it down on the back. I did not get it completed before falling asleep. I hope to finish it today.

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