Monday, April 18, 2011

Working on the Blooming 9-Patch

This is the printed diagram showing how to lay out the Blooming 9-Patch. At the class the other day, Alice showed us how to lay it out. 

I am always looking for a shortcut and I thought if I label the diagram I would not have to lay out the entire quilt. I have started piecing the top and it is working.

I used a different color marker on every-other row to make it easier to keep track of what row I am on. Each row (except the 3 center rows) has a duplicate on the other side of the quilt. So, I made 2 of each row. I started on the outside and stitched 6 triangle to an E 9-patch. I did this for all of the rows except the 3 center rows. (You must be careful here because the triangles are directional.) Continuing in this manner I stitched the 5 block to the D 9-patch. As I went I finished to shorter rows. I also crossed off what I sewed together as I went. This really made the piecing easier. (I don't know if I did very well explaining it though.)

 Here my fabrics are all numbered.

 Here my stacks of 9-patches are lettered.

 The rows I have completed so far (2 of each).

6, E, 5, and D pieced for all of the rows except the center 3.
I do not know when I will get the chance to work on this again, but I will keep you filled in.

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to get up enough nerve to try this beautiful quilt. Appreciate your diagrams. I have purchased the book but it always helps to see it being done. Thanks