Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Baby's Birthday

Yesterday my youngest turned 14. I told her no party this year. I don't think she needs a party every year. Besides, she is going to the Capital's game today. She loves Ice Hockey. The Penguins are her favorite team but she likes to go to the Caps games and route against them. Today though, she should be routing for the Caps, because if the Caps and the Penguins win this round they will be playing each other and there is a good chance she will get to go to a game. Since going to this game is for her birthday she got to choose who goes to the game. She has chosen her 2 brothers and a friend to go with her. 

Anyway, yesterday she was complaining she was bored. I let her invite a couple friends over. I told her I would make her anything she wanted for dinner. She said she really does not have a favorite meal. This is what she requested: Parmesan Chicken, grilled asparagus, biscuits, and Caesar salad. Instead of a cake she wanted Chocolate Trifle.

After dinner my  husband suggested bowling so we all went. One of my sons got home yesterday so he was able to go along.


Best friends!

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