Saturday, March 5, 2011

Joseph's Coat

While I was at retreat I also worked on 2 tops. I am so excited to have this Joseph's coat almost done. I just need to finish up around the edge so I have something there to pin it to when I put it on the longarm. I am beginning to think that this is like my favorite quilt I ever made. This quilt is listed on my UFO list. It is # 5b. I am thinking I will probably wait to quilt it the month that #5 is drawn.

Do I look like I am having a good time?

I finished up this quilt top for Son #2. It is a signature quilt and was a gift for Graduation. He loves stuff like this and was very excited and happy when he opened it. 


lil red hen said...

This is so very pretty. I haven't seen one since my mother made one in the 80's. I know how difficult they are to piece; maybe that's why I haven't seen anymore.

Quiltjane said...

This is the most beautiful Josephs Coat quilt I have ever seen. Just gorgeous.

Sylvia said...

Love the colors in your Joseph's Coat!

Vicky said...

Your Joseph's Coat is absolutely stunning! I keep coming back to look at it! Congrats on a job very well done!