Sunday, March 13, 2011

Design Bee

Bayside Quilters met on Wednesday. The program for this month was from the Design Bee. The Design Bee was created to go through the lessons in this book. 

They did one lesson in the book per month.

The participants said the book stretched them and it was a bonding experience for all of them. 

A few months into the book when I heard them talking about it I wished I had gotten in on it. 

After seeing the results I am extremely sorry I did not get in on it.

Here are a few pictures of some of their work.

If the opportunity comes along again to do a book like this with a group you better believe I will be in on it.

This week has been very busy for me even though I have not been quilting. 

I chaired the annual banquet for our local Young Life. Boy, I am ever glad that is over. 

I spent time this weekend getting tax stuff together and I hope to finish that up tomorrow. 

Then I should be back to quilting.


Quiltdoodles said...

Oh how I wish I could of seen these in person. Thanks for sharing.

lauraboehl said...

Thanks Candy for posting these. I wish you would have been in our group, it would have been more fun just having you. Maybe next time.
Laura Boehl