Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blooming 9-Patch

Last evening I had the pleasure of rummaging through my stash. I am going to be taking a class from a fellow guild member in April. The pattern is "Blooming 9-Patch." Last Wednesday after our guild meeting we had a preliminary class to discuss choosing our fabric. I decided that I am not going to buy any fabric, so everything has to come from my stash. I need 6 different fabrics that the colors will blend well with the one it will be adjacent to. Most of the pieces require at least a yard of fabric with the greatest needing 1 3/4 yards. Therefore this will limit my choice of fabrics from my stash. The first fabrics that I pulled all had orange in them. When I realized this I thought to myself that maybe I should try to do something without orange. I did not have my camera when I had the initial fabrics out. 


When I excluded orange this is what I came up with.


Most of these are basically the same with a few minor changes along the way.


I did not make any final decisions last night because my daughter called me in the watch Glee with her.






One of these has a very strong possibility of being my fabric layout. All evening I was favoring the fabrics toward the top. I am not sure if I have the right fabrics to complete this bottom layout. But, this morning when I woke up I was thinking maybe I should just use some of my fabrics with orange in them. I can not wait too long to make my decision because I need to have the strip sets sewn together before the class. When I decide I will let you know.


I just decided to go back and number them. What layout do you think I should use? Or do you think I should throw some orange stuff in to the mix?

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Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I made this quilt from stash about 5 years ago. Absolutely Nothing matched and it is one of my favorite quilts. Don't worry about what the fabric looks like, just be sure you have the correct yardage of each required set.

Good luck!