Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In The Beginning

 Here is a sneak peek of our Row By Row for 2015

Quilt Vine will be participating in "Row By Row Experience" once again this year. 
The dates for this Shop Hop is June 21 - September 8, 2015.
If you are not familiar with Row By Row go here to find out more.

The theme for this year is H2O.
After thinking long and hard on this I decided to represent H2O in all 4 seasons.
I am going to share with you my thought process in to designing this row.

Many of you may be familiar with our Monthly Minis. 
I am using the design from the January and November Minis in our row.

For Winter, snow is our H2O.
To use this in our row all I had to due with it was to make it smaller.

For Fall the marsh is our H2O, and I used our November Mini.
To use this in our row I made it smaller, removed the dog, added cattails, and placed the boy in a marsh.

For Spring rain is our H2O. 
I wanted to use a girl in the rain but our 
April Mini just wasn't what I was looking for.
I changed this quite a bit to used it in our Row.
I redesigned this block to go better with the other blocks.

I didn't like the first drawing because I think she needed hair.

It still wasn't what I wanted so I made her rain coat shorter.

Doesn't she look much better.

For Summer the Ocean is our H2O. 
Since I already had two boys, this one needed to be a girl. 
At first I tried a flat hat, a two piece swimming suit, and water wings.

It just wasn't what I wanted.
I changed the hat and the swim suit bottom.

This still just wasn't right, so I got rid of the water wings and added an inner tube.

I thought I would try a one piece suit and I liked it much more.

After the basic design of the blocks was completed then the fun began; choosing the fabric!

Choosing the fabric is fun but also very difficult. 
Last year we made so many kits that we ran out of some of the fabrics and it was troublesome trying to find substitutes. So, while choosing the fabrics for this year's row I was very careful to pick a lot of fabrics that I can reorder.

I have the row completed and I will continue to post how it progressed. 

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