Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wedding Quilt

On October 4th a nephew of mine got married. Of course I wanted to make them a quilt. My initial thought was to ask them what color they would like it, but on second thought I decided against that. I know how my color taste has changed over the years and I wanted their Wedding Quilt to be timeless. So I decided to go neutral. I also needed this quilt to be a simple pattern since I started it about 2 weeks before the wedding. With it being a simple quilt I could let my quilting make up for that. I had never made a Carpenter Star before and that seemed to be the perfect solution.  

I looked at some pictures of Carpenter Stars on-line and then came up with my own pattern. Since we have an AccuQuilt Studio at the shop, I decided to begin with 10" squares. To keep it simple I made my half-square-triangles using the Missouri Star Quilt Company method that can be viewed here. I used wool batting so that the quilting would really show up. 

I love pieced backs and decided to add some Tula Pink Foxfield for a little pop. I now think that was a very big mistake. The quilting on the back would have looked so much better if I had just used the one fabric. 

I did sit down and tried to figure out the quilting before going to the machine. This was actually a first for me. I usually load a quilt and then decide what to do with it. This really made the quilting much less stressful.

I do most of my quilting free hand, but here I did do a little marking and used some curved rulers.

I even marked my feather stems, which I don't usually do.

I have had several requests for kits for this quilt. 
I just might be doing that.

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Karin Vail said...

the quilt is STUNNING! I am in awe of the quilting. I have a quilt top that is a single carpenter's wheel too - that I also did with 10'' squares (a layer cake to start with). I just realized, it has been a flimsy for 3 1/2 years! Well, I think it's time to quilt it - I wish I had your quilting skills and a longarm though!