Thursday, May 16, 2013

Edith's Quilt

Edith came into the shop back in November with some blocks she had made as a Block Of The Month at another shop. She was having some trouble with them and could not get help at that shop. I helped her with them and she brought the top back in for me to quilt.

I do not have a computer on my quilting machine and I do most of my quilting freehand. Sometimes to make registration lines I use this stencil and a muslin pounce filled with cornstarch.

The lines helped me to evenly space these loopys and swirls in the sashing and border.

This is a sampler quilt and each block is different so the quilting is different in each block.

Edith has not seen it yet and I think she will be very pleased.

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Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

I would be pleased! Looks great!