Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jane's Star

Last week we held a class in the shop called "Jane's Star." We only had three students. Each one got the center of the quilt completed and each one is a show stopper. None of the students had done anything like this before and they were all very happy with the result. 

The class was taught from this book by Jane Sassaman.

June used this fabric by Joel Dewberry. 

Joan and Kathy used Jane Sassaman fabrics. Theirs look very similar to the one in the book.

Cheryl had made the quilt hanging on the wall and was very kind in letting me use it for the class.

The star above and the one below are both Kathy's laid out the two different ways.  She went with the one above.

The two stars here are Joan's shown laid out the two different ways. She went with the one shown below.

The way that June's fabric repeat was and with the way she cut it, her star looked the same laid out both ways.

June was anxious to get her quilt completed and she wasn't sure if she could do the borders on her own, so she came back the next day and I helped her to finish it. 

I quilted it right away because I wanted to be able to show it to promote the next "Jane's Star" class.

I think this quilt is stunning and June is thrilled with it.  


Amanda K said...

What a pretty quilt. This technique looks like fun.
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Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Wow - these are all stunning ... I love all of Jane's fabrics and I'm glad you have them in the shop.