Friday, March 22, 2013

Hand Quilting Bee

The Hand Quilting Bee of The Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore met at Quilt Vine on Wednesday.

 They usually meet at members houses. Barbara was the hostess this month and she chose to have the bee meet here. Thank you Barbara. This Bee started out very small but they are growing. They now have about 10 members. It is fun to see a resurgence in hand quilting.

 Cindy is the leader of the gang, teaching those that have not hand quilted before. Joan has done a lot of hand work, but she is a newbie to hand quilting.

 Chris and Marianne are busy quilting away.

 Ester is hard at it while Mary Lou is marking her lines.

It is so fun to have Bees meeting at the shop. Your small group is welcome to meet here any day we do not have a class.

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