Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Twenty Something"

The 2012 Challenge for the Bayside Quilters took place yesterday at the 20th Anniversary Celebration.

This celebration was held at The Oaks and the dock area was used to display all of the Challenge pieces.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day but it was very windy.

We were worried that the clothespins would not be enough to keep the quilts from blowing into the water.

Elaine suggested that we use safety pins to ensure that nothing would blow off of the line.

Elaine was kind enough to run home and get her safety pins.

So with all of the clothespins and safety pins we did not lose any quilts.

We had a good turn out this year with 30 participants.

This quilt with the 20 stars is mine.

This year's challenge was "Twenty Something."

The requirements were that you had to use some of the challenge fabric, the bright turquoise batik, each side must be less than 40 inches, and must have something to do with the number 20.

Prizes were awarded in four categories:

Best use of Technique

Best interpretation of the Theme

Miniature (less than 12 inches per side)

Accessory and Wearable

I believe I got a picture of every quilt that was entered.

The weather forecast was for gale force winds in the afternoon, so the quilts were all taken down immediately after the voting, before we all went inside to eat.

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Linda said...

What a beautiful setting for the quilts! They are all beautiful, too!