Monday, August 8, 2011

More About Vacation

We had so much fun on vacation at my sister's I don't want to leave anything out. One day we went into Seattle to Pike Place Market. Here are my 2 youngest kids outside the market.

Can you believe we saw the Beatles at the market?

The produce was out of this world. At this stand the vendor was cutting off peach samples. When I tasted it I said, "Oh my God." My sister said, "look that is what the sign says." Peaches are my favorite fruit anyway so of course I had to get some.

The flowers were unbelievable!

 As you know from my stash report I went in here and added to my stash.

 Later that day we went to Snoqualmie to view the Falls.

 This is a picture of my family with the addition of Son #1's girlfriend.

After the Falls we just had to stop at Starbucks.

 Then we stopped at this look out for a great view of Mt. Si. The girls are lovin on their Nana.

I LOVE clouds! My daughter gets tired of me talking about the beautiful clouds and telling her to look at the clouds. Funny thing; my niece said the same thing about my sister. We both have a thing for clouds.

We had salmon for dinner that was purchased at Pike Place Market and it was yummy!

 The next day we went back to Rattlesnake Lake and most of our group hiked up to Rattlesnake Ridge.

 These cousins are the best of friends.

After the hike we hung out by the lake again.

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