Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art Bee About Town

Yesterday the Art Bee of Bayside Quilters strolled around Easton. Plein Air Easton is taking place right now. All about town and the surrounding county, artist can be seen out painting.

We also moseyed into the Academy of Art and a couple of galleries.

Since I have been quilting I view things differently. My eyes have been open to the beauty and color all around me. 

It is a challenge for me to take this new love for color and express it in my quilting.

As a result, I also have a new  found appreciation for art, especially painting.

Lately I have been thinking about taking a painting class.

After this tour around Easton, I very much want to take a painting class.

Other than the heat it was a perfect day. Yesterday the heat index in Easton was 108.

 For a perfect ending to a great day we went out to lunch. 
Of course we had to do lunch!

1 comment:

Mari, Tenerife (España) said...

What more beautiful pictures. Thank you for the photos, I enjoyed this time. It´s a good a idea to give painting lessons. Encouragement.
Excuse my English. See you soon...