Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Fabric

I received a lot of beautiful fabric for my birthday. I don't usually get this many gifts but this year was a big one, 50! I had a fabulous party on Friday night. I will post some pictures after I get them from some friends and family members.

These fabrics came from Lou and Cheryl. They feel absolutely delicious.

This collection of Kaffes and a fun print came from Eunice. She said she just had to wrap them in the candy box.

This pack of Batiks are from Phyllis.

This bright bundle of fat quarters are from Pennie.

This adorable basket of prints are from Chris.

I did receive some gifts that were not fabric but this is my 
quilting blog.
Now my brain is turning with ideas of what to do with them. I think I would like to use one piece of each fabric to make a commemorative 50th birthday party quilt. I also had 18" x 18" squares of white Kona at the party for signatures that I will use on the back of this quilt.

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Catskill Quilter said...

Happy quilty 50th birthday! You must be well loved! Enjoy -- the 50th has to be a month long celebration, you know.