Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This year we have been doing WIP It Up the last Saturday of the Month. The idea was to finish up some of the "works in progress" we have around the house. Throughout the year we have had different people participating with a few that stuck it out the entire year.

Here are some pictures of our last WIP It Up for 2015.

Barbara started this kit from Quilt Vine in 2013.

This Lazy Daisy is from a class Barbara took here 2 weeks ago.

Sharon made this is a  class at Bayside Quilters in October.

It took Donna several years to complete this sampler.

One of Barbara's completed quilts.

Barbara started this at Quilt Vine 2 years ago.

This one is from a demo at Quilt Vine in 2013.

This is a new one made with some of this years Christmas fabric.

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