Saturday, April 5, 2014

Show-N-Tell At Modern Quilters Eastern Shore

Alice is one of those quilters that has spent the past few years trying to use up her stash. 
This month she dug into her solids.
The top one has a very modern feel to it.

 The next one has a very Amish feel. 
Alice told us that one of the things that makes a solid quilt "Amish" is the lack of yellow.

 The third one is more scrappy. 
I love everyone of them, and am thinking about trying that first one.

 Barb showed us her Court House Steps exploded, 
I love the 3 dimensional look of it.

 Sharon's take on  Tula Pink's Kiss Kiss pattern using up some of her Christmas fabric. 
In some of the blocks she used Victoria Findlay Wolfe's method of creating her own fabric.

 Sharon's Machine Applique class project.

 Karli, our youngest member, is showing her grandmother's (Lou) Elephant quilt.
Lou quilted this herself on her domestic machine.
Lou usually has me quilt her quilts, so this is a big accomplishment for her.

 This is Carol's Sample Quilt. This quilt is made of orphan blocks. Some are her own and some were given to her. Carol has a longarm and she used this quilt to play around and try a lot of new stuff.
Great Job Carol!

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