Sunday, February 9, 2014

Playing With Strings

This is where I was sitting the past 2 days playing with my strings.

I went through many bins of scraps. I did not have to cut any of these scraps into strings because they were already strips.By the end of 2 days all of these shoe boxes were running over and I had to put them in larger bins. I also have 2 reusable grocery bags of scraps that are not cut into strings and 2 reusable grocery bags of scraps going to my guild's outreach. Plus I still have scraps that I did not go through yet.  

Doesn't everyone want to use up their scraps? 
I am planning on holding a Scrap Quilt Class each session of classes. 

This session we had the Starburst Class.

For next session I am planning on having a Spider Web Quilt Class. 

Of course I will need to get a sample made first. 

I think I am going to make this quilt using just the green and blue strings. 
I am not sure yet what the background color will be. 
I just know that it will not be white because my last string quilt was on white.

It also will not be on yellow because this Kaleidoscope String Quilt I made a few years ago was on yellow.

This Spider Web Quilt was made by Kisha.

To see more Spider Web Quilts check out the ones on Pinterest

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